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The Diabetes Family Connection believes that community support among families managing a chronic condition is imperative for maintaining optimism and resilience in day to day life. We are aware that diabetes can have an impact on every member of the family and believe in focusing on a holistic, family approach to diabetes management. We provide an intimate space for families to come together to not only learn from each other, but also empathetic healthcare providers with immediate ties to diabetes. Through a host of recreation-based activities focused on family dynamics and community building, we work to transform the lens on life with diabetes. 

What YoUR FAmily Can Expect from Our PRograms:

  • To feel encouraged and inspired to tackle daily life with diabetes. 
  • To make lifelong friendships that foster support for your family.
  • To have your management questions answered by empathetic healthcare professionals with immediate ties to T1D.
  • To further understand the psychosocial impact of life with a chronic condition.
  • To meet role models who have grown up with diabetes. 
  • To have the opportunity to learn about cutting edge diabetes technology. 
  • To have A LOT of fun! 
  • To grow as a family.
  • To want to come back!