Fundraise Your Camper’s/Family's Program Fee:

Families always have the option to fundraise their program fee in order to cover their cost of attendance at a DFC program. We have created a virtual fundraising platform to assist your family with this process. To set up your own camper/family fundraising page, please follow these steps:

1. Click this link to direct you to the fundraising platform (the page will open in a new window).

2. In the newly opened link, click the button that says "Become A Fundraiser".

3. Register for a Classy Account.

4. Set your "Fundraising Goal." This goal varies depending on which program your are registering for/how many family members you are bringing with you to the program.

  • If you are fundraising for the Fall Family Retreat - please review the Program Fees to calculate your family's specific goal. More information is located on the Program Info page.

  • If you are fundraising for the Teen Retreat, set your “Fundraising Goal” for $175.

5. If you are fundraising for the Fall Family Retreat or Teen Retreat, set your "Fundraising End Date" to finish BEFORE November 1st, 2019.

6. Finish creating your page, launch your campaign and share it with your family and friends!

7. Once your Fundraising Goal has been met, you are ready to register for the program! Contact The DFC staff at BEFORE completing the Program Registration so we can provide you with the correct payment information.


For any questions regarding this process, contact us at