Weekend Family Retreats:

Diabetes can have an impact on every member of the family. Regardless of where you and your family are in your diabetes journey, living with type 1 diabetes presents new challenges and questions every single day. Unfortunately, only so many of these questions and topics can be squeezed into a 15-20 minute appointment with your endocrinologist. Fortunately, The DFC has the SOLUTION! Our Weekend Family Retreats bring together a DREAM TEAM of T1D experts from across the Carolinas to spend an entire weekend with your family and the type 1 community. 

Parents/Guardians/Adults have the opportunity to sit in on a wide variety of education sessions throughout the weekend, while kids get the chance to take part in traditional camp activities. Families will have the opportunity to learn from one another, connect with other families navigating the ups and downs of diabetes, and have A LOT of fun!

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Upcoming Dates/Location: 

SPRING FAMILY RETREAT - May 3rd-5th 2019 (Registration Opens November 1, 2018)

Location: Camp Hannon - 391 Moorefield Memorial Hwy Sunset, SC 29865

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Program Fees:

Price reflects registration, meals, activities, and housing for 1 adult and 1 child. Additional family members are encouraged to attend. Pricing per each additional family member is listed in blue.

*Note: Families also have the option to fundraise their program fee. For more information   Click Here  .

*Note: Families also have the option to fundraise their program fee. For more information Click Here.

Housing Options:

We have multiple options available to meet the needs of each family.

A) MALE/FEMALE ONLY DORMS: There are two large, beautiful dorms side by side on the grounds. Each dorm contains its own indoor bathrooms and showers.

NOTE: Due to facility regulations, dorms are divided into male & female accommodations. If this housing option is chosen, any child under the age of 18 has to be accompanied by a parent (or approved guardian over the age of 18) of the same sex. For those who are not able to meet shared dorm requirements, Tent Camping and Private Room options are available.

B) TENT CAMPING: Each family can bring their own tent to camp on the premises. There are shared bathrooms with showers available for all tent campers.

C) PRIVATE ROOMS: Private, hotel style rooms. Please Note: Private rooms are located 10 miles from the camp premises, which is 30 minutes away due to the nature of our mountain location. Transportation will be provided in the morning and evening to and from camp. Private Rooms contain two twin beds and a private bathroom (additional cots can be provided).

Activities During the Weekend:

For Kids: Kids will be assigned to groups according to their grade in school. Under the supervision of counselors trained in diabetes management (most of whom are living with type 1 diabetes themselves), kids groups will rotate through multiple age-appropriate activities such as: zip lining; arts & crafts; a climbing tower; nature hikes; canoeing; sports & games, and more.

For Parents/Guardians: Throughout the weekend, adults will have the opportunity to participate in various education sessions tailored to meet the range of experience levels. From families that have just received news of diagnosis to families who have been managing diabetes for years. Topics will include:

  • Cutting edge technology for diabetes management (Pumps; CGMs; Artificial Pancreas)

  • Psychosocial impact of diabetes (self-care tips for T1D caregivers; age appropriate expectations/teen issues; navigating sibling relationships; addressing challenges that T1D presents in marriage; etc)

  • Beginner basics in diabetes management (carb counting; sick day plans and understanding ketones; intro to pumps & CGMs)

  • Navigating diabetes issues in the school system

  • Much, much more

For the Whole Family: There will be multiple opportunities throughout the weekend for participants to partake in various activities together as a family. Additionally, all meals will be eaten together as an entire community.

Former Staff and Educators:


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